Brent Simone

January 30th 2009
You guys are incredible. The most original sound and vibe I've heard in a long time. Keep it real and do what you do.

January 30th 2009
I loved youre performance yesterday at VriendenVanAmstel Live, will you be there next year again? Kiss Sabina

January 27th 2009
You make me proud to be dutch.

January 20th 2009
I Love it your music is the best.... I'm from Germany and wanted to ask when it plays in Cologne? I did not spend so much money to go abroad

January 17th 2009
thanx! you guys make my day over and over again.

January 17th 2009
Hi! I dont know for how long I'v been listening to your music, but I love it! I think you are a true artist, one of few. so keep it up, i want more! and please come to sweden again, I get a fat grin when I hear another record spin!

January 17th 2009
daamn, jullie zijn veeel te geweldig. aarght. you guys are tha beeeest <$

January 15th 2009
Jullie zijn geweldig! i swear, i love it! Keep up the good work!

January 14th 2009
Never heard of you before yesterday(yeah I know) and come and.. I hope you book more live concerts this spring and summer in Europe! Keep up the good fucking work!
Bob J

January 13th 2009
hey gasten heb jullie live cd gekocht gewoon te erg laat me weten waneer jullie in de buurt van RIDDERKERK zijn IL BE THERE
Ben B

January 13th 2009
please come to the states! it doesnt matter where..i'll make the drive. thanks so much for the music!

January 11th 2009
Come to Canada it's nice here.

January 9th 2009
SERIOUSLY! Listen to what I'm saying here when YOU NEED TO GET TO AUSTRALIA. I don't care if its the opposite side of the country just somewhere NEAR the general vicinity of SYDNEY. You guys have a HUGE following round here and gotta make this country BOUNCE. I was told 6 months ago that you might be coming in april of this year. now that seems like it'll never be true so please PLEASE get down here to australia.

January 8th 2009
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aller eerst een super nieuwjaar (oh wat kom ik hier weer laat mee!) ik kijk super erg uit naar jullie solo projecten, ik zou niet weten wat ik hiervan moet verwachten. verder ben ik verbaasd (en teleurgesteld) over het feit dat jullie niet eens op eurosonic/noorderslag staan dit jaar! vorig jaar gemist, ik denk dan kom ik dit jaar gewoon, maar dan zijn jullie er dus niet! echt jammer. kijk ook uit naar Q&A video, als ik zelf creatief talent was geweest had ik mee gedaan aan de contest! props & love

January 8th 2009
Your show at Freiburg March'08 was "echt geile scheiße"...please make a stop on your next tour at Freiburg and "Kick a Freestyle, Pete" again

January 7th 2009
pleeeeeeaze come back to hamburg very soon!!

January 7th 2009
Lezen is ook een vak, ik zie je comment al, iets verderop op deze pagina. Gelukkig maar! Ik dacht toch even dat ik een 'Keep Pete & Perq Up & Running' beweging moest gaan beginnen. Keep up the good work, ik zie uit naar jullie derde album! Cheers.

January 7th 2009
Ik hoor verontrustend nieuws. Ik lees dat jullie allebei bezig zijn met solo-projecten, maar op 3FM hoor ik net dat jullie niet meer samen doorgaan? Wzzp with that!? Kunnen jullie hier wat licht op schijnen? Cheers.

January 6th 2009
You've gotta come to London! I'm sure the Jazz Cafe would welcome you with open arms!

January 5th 2009
I love all of you, well next time you´re in Berlin I want to talk to you and get a autograph :)