August 24th 2009
Ik zag Perq nog met zijn vriendinnetje bij Dio & The Madd op LL09! Dat ging los, maar ik miste wel de chille P&P sounds hoor!

August 21st 2009
Please come and perform in Germany again after the theatre tour!

August 19th 2009
I agree with Daniel! Please come to the US! Visit New York!!

August 19th 2009
i can join alina! I would like to see you again in Hamburg! Last year about october was amazing! please come back! :)

August 16th 2009
Hey, do you come to Germany (the best would be Hamburg...:-) ) this or next year?
Lexi Brown

August 13th 2009
Please come back to Los Angeles before you take a break! Pretty please with sugar on top.

August 11th 2009
Hey, love your tunes! Come to Dublin so I can enjoy the amazing live show I keep hearing about... or I could just come to Netherlands.... Anyway.. Keep making the great music!!

August 3rd 2009
Thanks for your show in frauenfeld CH, I love your sound and it was the first time i've seen you live..IT WAS AMAZING, pls come back to switzerland soon and show your talen for goood musiic
Kevin B

August 1st 2009
jullie zijn super man echt vette muziek k maak zelf ook muziek met cubase stuur me maar mail als je wat wil horen

July 31st 2009
You guys are such great musicians! Can't stop listening. My favourite sound since Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth in the 90s. Keep up the great work! Peace

July 31st 2009
Come to America, especially Tennessee! We don't get enough good hip hop down here and we need something fresh. Also you need to hook up with Mos Def as well as Zion I, it'd be sick.

July 30th 2009
I've seen Pete Philly & Perquisite live 3 times now: Splash Festival, once in Hamburg and at Rheinkultur the other day. I must say Ive seen many concerts by numerous Hip Hop and Soul Artists but Pete Philly truly impresses me again and again. Wanted to say thanks for keeping it real and producing beautiful music despite the hard times Hip Hop is facing these days in Europe. Pete your voice is unique and your performance is stunning ! I have onw question remaining: Id like to come visit a live gig in September, somewhere in the netherlands doesnt really mattter where , so what is this theater project about, is it a regular concert or is it something different? Would be pleased if anyone could answer, much much love!

July 28th 2009
omg, loveyou, jullie zijn echt zo geweldig! & pete you're sexy :$

July 24th 2009
yo u guys are awesome. pete, ur a true rapper, great lyrics

July 20th 2009
Huge fan Pete & Perq...y'all gotta come to the States more often. Portland, Oregon!!!

July 16th 2009
Pete , i've been a fan ever since i heard self-reflection on ''the box'' Sindsdien koop ik voor elke tour meerdere tictickets. Ik voel je , ik begrijp je en as long as you will shine your licht zal ik vooraan s staan , giving you my energy and love !see you soon

July 16th 2009
love ur tunes guys!!! when are you performing in London???

July 15th 2009
Need a female singer? ;) i can also play were amazing..warmed my heart and moved my feet!

July 14th 2009
amazing concert in frauenfeld! thank you!

July 13th 2009
You were absolutely amazing in Frauenfeld. I adore the powerful vibes you bring and the energy loaded sound you make. it's awesome what you're doin. come to switzerland back soon, you're very welcome! bless you !