February 24th 2009
Please come to Toronto, Canada PLEASEEE!!!!!!!

February 22nd 2009
Jullie muziek is echt heel erg goed ^^. Maar nu gaan jullie helemaal naar Amerike :O Spelen jullie toevallig ook nog een keertje dit jaar in Nederland? Zou wel zo tof zijn.. (kom er net achter dat jullie nederlands zijn :P nu ben ik ineens super trots!) Keep up the good work! :)

February 22nd 2009
Ik ben zelf een metalhead, die wel openstaat voor andere muziekgenres, maar niet snel onder de indruk is. But You Guys Blew Me Away! Niet dat mijn mening zo belangrijk is, maar jullie hebben me wel overdonderd. Just wanted to let you know. Respect met hoofdletter R :D

February 22nd 2009
Zeker vet man, ik zag net the making of van je nieuwe clip. Vet nummer boys, doorvlammen met die handel
Tom DM

February 19th 2009
Hey alles flex. lijkt me louw om een keer te chillen :P pz

February 18th 2009
hey. Isn't there any way I can get a hold of some of the lyrics, so I can study them even more than I already have ?

February 18th 2009
u guys know that u got quite a big fanbase in nz ? .... I kinda spread ur sound in wellington and now people are really keen for some live event.... is it gonna happen? or at least in australia?

February 17th 2009
Hey peoples, don't worry; we WILL be coming to the US pretty soon! Check us out at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX on March 21st. See you there! Perq.

February 16th 2009
cant forget like u dance, ..
Joel V.

February 16th 2009
If you guys ever come down to the U.S i will like get but naked and run around my block lol... But naw we really do need a real lyricist like yourself down here to bring back that real hip hop! There's only a few people that still do great music and your one of them along side with Perqs! I'm an istant fan for life! Much respect to Netherlands!

February 9th 2009
Come back stateside! Y'all are amazing; this music has soul that I thought had died along with classic Chicago hip-hop. Thank you for doinig what yall do

February 7th 2009
hey, just wanna say what all the others already did: thanks for the music, more gigs please, youre (of the few) real artists, make me proud to be dutch; but I also thought you would like to know that you guys have a bunch of fans in barcelona, cause that's were I grew up and discovered you! : ) Now that I live in the Netherlands again after 18 years I'm sooooo gonna go to the next gig!

February 5th 2009
i've been a huge fan of your music and really hope that someday you guys have the chance to come to the US so we can have the pleasure to see you guys live in concert. Hope to see new music up soon to keep reminding the world what real hip hop sounds like.

February 5th 2009
Hey love youre music guys!are you ever going to come to the states or do i have to travel to europe to see you?keep up that good sound!

February 4th 2009
ahoy? thats pretty big guys! gun het jullie super veel, jullie beginnen steeds groter en groter te worden. echt een grote liefdu voor jullie muziek, gaat geen dag voorbij dat ik er niet naar luister!

February 4th 2009
Ik was zo verschrikkelijk blij dat ik vooraan stond bij Vrienden van Amstel! Echt super gaaf en goed gedaan! Love it!x

February 3rd 2009
Nice dat jullie het online hebben gezet van Vrienden van Amstel ga hopelijk genieten van de show en ga zoiezo fabchannel checken. Het vorige optreden daarop was na een tijdje weggehaald dat was wel jammer naja Later Dudes!

February 2nd 2009
SH*T! I can't believe I missed you guys when you played in Malmö, Sweden! Your show at the Sziget Festival this summer was really on of the best I've ever been to, (eventually becoming a great memory from this summer). Come back to Sziget this year, and you'll find me in the front row! Keep it raw!

February 1st 2009
Dudes waarom zeggen jullie niet op de site dat jullie aankomende donderdag op tv te zien zijn. Want jullie gaan spelen in het programma Vrienden van Amstel en ik denk dat veel fans jullie graag zien live performancen. Ik hoop dat jullie hier iets mee doen;). Greetz Quint

January 31st 2009
What a brilliant cd...i am trying to play mistery repeats on my violin. Great sound. Hope to see you soon. xx