April 17th 2009
he pete & perquisite weer komen juliie weer een keer in groningen laatstekeer isalweer even geleden maar kom snel dan benik er bij!
Stephen Orsini

April 9th 2009
any chance you'll be coming to New York? I dig your sound... and I'm trying to turn as many people as possible on to you. keep it up...
JuanKC 505

April 9th 2009
Yo Pete & Perq keep rockin' it and please make some more trips across the pond to the Americas!!!! I love your jams and we loved YA'll here in Austin for SXSW! man, it was so refreshing I couldn't even tell you! I wish the soundman was on top of it! I was digging it with all I had left! Much love!

April 6th 2009
PLEASE come to Denver, Colorado i love your music and have for many years, know theres many other people out here that feel the same. You guys will have a blast and a full concert guaranteed. Much love, Brian.

April 5th 2009
yo was dope chilling wit u at da jam session in cape town, and thanks for the hooking up them tickets man!! respect...oh and i hope u enjoy da ETC...Crew cdz - keep staying blessed

April 3rd 2009
i cant handle this! Its so so so painful to miss this! Life becomes unfair when priorities rule over the true blessings of life! Music! Real music! And where am i? Still in jhb educating people about you but you're not here! Im really killin myself! So unfair!

April 3rd 2009
on wednesday evening at the green market square i had the pleasure of witnessing you boys in action i might say i was blown away i can't i hadn't heard of you guy before then .you guys are beasts its good to know that true hip hop lives on.i'll catch you boys at the show tonight...

April 3rd 2009
why did u guys only stop in cape town? Could u not have come to johannesburg too? It is impossible for me to fly to the cape cuz of other commitments now im beating myself up for missing this. You know its not everyday that we get blessed with uniquely real musicians. Do i really have to wait another 4years? You are performing live tonight and all i have is a live edition of mystery repeats. Guess i'l just blast that and pretend im there.. But i do that everyday, just that today you guys are actually in town and im the lucky chum that gets to miss it. Grr!

April 2nd 2009
Can u already say when you will release some new stuff? Maybe a new album? looking forward to seeing you live in Bonn guys. Love from germany!

April 2nd 2009
Hi, do you hav any idea where I can find Up's and Down's? Youtube quality isn't that good and Fabchannel isn't online anymore. I hope you can help.
DeAndre Wright

April 1st 2009
I heard about Pete from a friend that saw you guys at SXSW and I absolutely love you guys and the music... you got a new fan (

April 1st 2009
Now this hip hop,you guys gotta sound that can change the whole prospective on hip hop.I really hope I get to see y'all one day.I'm completely hooked to y'all sound.I wake and I'm like,I need to put on pete philly&Perquisite every other person who's in to ya,you guys are amazing-mike(Atlanta,GA)

March 31st 2009
I discovered your music by accident watching a YouTube video of Bolivia and I've been hooked ever since. I am spreading the good word on this absolutely stunning sound you guys have. Truly amazing stuff. Too bad you can't gig more in the US. Had I discovered your music early enough I would have made the trek to Austin from Florida just to see you guys. Best regards,Rob

March 30th 2009
i go to school in Austin Texas. SXSW was during spring break and i had to go home to Dallas Texas to visit my family.
Fabiola Einhorn

March 30th 2009
You should come to San Francisco! You havn't been to the US in a while huh? Btw, great music! Actually making a poster and CD cover for mindstate for a school project. Gonna be seen at the spring show - thanks for the inspiration!

March 29th 2009
ey, zijn jullie alweer bezig met nieuw album of gaan jullie eerst toeren?

March 28th 2009
when are you guys going to crack the UK? London needs you....

March 27th 2009
Mag hopen dat jullie daar dikke knaken voor hebben gekregen!
King Carlos

March 25th 2009
Mystery Repeats zit in de reclame KARWEI.....dude...

March 25th 2009
Love love love !!! the best album of 2008 !!