July 12th 2009
Hey guys, jullie hebben gerockt in Frauenfeld vandaag. Absoluut beste optreden van de hele dag!!!!!

July 10th 2009
I hope you will play in Strasbourg (France) a day. I love your music. Peace and big up !

July 10th 2009
Saw you on Rheinkultur and have to say: You are great! Keep it up

July 9th 2009
Kan ik jullie song Rockin' it like op YouTube vinden, wil 'm graag aan andere laten horen op me hyve... of willen jullie dat niet? oO xx

July 8th 2009
Guys i could truly feel the vibe on Rheinkultur!!! Your album is my daily mind booster and sweetener. Keep it up and God bless!

July 7th 2009
Hey boys. I saw you on Rheinkultur the first time and I'll buy your CD cause you were fucking awesome! ;-)

July 5th 2009
I saw you at Rheinkultur yesterday and I was really impressed ! Your music is awesome . Listening to you made me wanna dance all day although I didn't know you before . you were my favourite act at rheinkultur !!

July 5th 2009
My biggest respect goes out to you!Ive known you before, but since the show on saturday(Rheinkultur), I know, you all are really live-monsters!!best act on rheinkultur!!!

June 19th 2009
Looks like ya'll gotta busy schedule ahead of you... Well just came through to show some love to some real hip-hop genius. Keep rockin the party! Imma be lookin out for you out here in Long Beach CA, LBC. PEACE

June 15th 2009
Australia needs some exquisite beats... please come down! oxo
Alex gable

June 8th 2009
Please, we beg you, come to the US!!! I am stuck in Boston, with no PP&P show to be seen! Any aspirations to do so?

May 30th 2009
Zag jullie gisteren op t UCP in Rotterdam, u guys rock! t was echt heel vet.. de zaal was leeg en boring, but in the end everybody wanted more! well done!

May 26th 2009
What about coming to Montreal?! This place needs some love & sick beats :)
Caro Dest

May 20th 2009
hé daar P&P! Wij kennen mekaar klein beetje en terwijl ik op deze vette site rondkijk zie ik dat we zelfs gemeenschappelijke projecten en interesses hebben. Wilde alleen laten weten dat ik blij beschikbaar zou zijn als jullie ooit nog female zang/ad libbs/duet (en nog veel meer moois) zochten van/met een 'oud rotje in het vakje'. Bij deze. Heb geen hyves of i.d.maar we vinden mekaar wel!? Veel props en groeten,Caro.

May 17th 2009
Jullie zijn mijn favoriete hiphop band ooit! Echt serieus. Mindstate heb ik al een paar honderde keren opgezet. En nadat Mystery Repeats uitkwam ben ik die ook gaan halen. Niets kan op tegen "Hope feat. Talib Kwali". Maar het zijn de 2 beste albums hiphop die tussen mjn 80gig aan hiphop staan. Nog veel succes!

May 13th 2009
Will you guys ever come to the US West Coast?? The Bay Area needs Pete & Perq!

May 7th 2009
What about some Theather Gigs in Germany? Would be great!
Eliza mckay

May 6th 2009
you know you have fans in australia to come and play us a show it would be the greatest day of my life ♥

April 23rd 2009
YO, I didn't even know you guys were at South by Southwest in March! Austin loves profound artists like yall so please come back next year! Nothing but love

April 18th 2009
Guys, guys...come to NY! BTW -- found you guys on a Kero One track, go figure.